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Original Music

Alain Auger

« Now that we’re one »

Musique and Lyrics by BOLD
Performance by BOLD

« Never Been Loved Before »

Music and Lyrics by Rita Chiarelli/Mad Iris Music
Performed by Leanne Goose
Album ‘Got You Covered »

« Kassuttoq »

Music and Lyrics by Henrik Hoyer Jensen, Nuuk, Greenland
Produced and recorded at the Atlantic Music Aps Nuuk, Greenland by Mik S. Christensen

« Never Failing »

Written and sung by Jo-Ellen Etuangat, from the album « Jo-Ellen and Jane – I believe in Jesus »
Department of Culture and Heritage, Government of Nunavut

« Qangiakuluk »

Music and Lyrics by David Nanorak
Performed by Naujamiut Band: David Nanorak, Jason Maliiki, Tyson Nanorak and James Natseck

« Qilaak Nunaliuvuq »

(based on the gospel « Heaven is a City »)
Written by Johnny Oovaut, Rhoda Ezekiel and Lizzie Aloupa
Sung by Jocelyne Malla
Album « The Gospel Collection »

« Christians Awake #3″

« Onto Us a Child #5″

Written and sung by Rhoda Ezekiel
Album « Winter Tidings »

« Qaina »

Music and Lyrics by Northern Haze
Performed by Derek Aqqiaruq, James Unagalaq, Naisana Qamaniq and John Inooya
Produced and Engineered by Jason Flower
Recorded at Igloolik Isuma Prouctions, Igloolik, Nunavut, September 4-12, 2010