Arnait Video Productions—as part of their upcoming movie, Uvanga—launched an interactive project aimed at Igloolik teens. Portrait of Children provided teens with a platform to document their opinions and thoughts on relationships, the environment, the world, and other topics. Teens were invited to participate in activities that would get them thinking about issues that affect their community and the world as a whole. For one month, the Portrait of Children iPod app served as their personal diary.Get inside their heads

THE APP - ᖃᕆᑕᐅᔭᒃᑯᑦ ᓴᖅᑭᑎᑦᑎᓂᖅ

In keeping with the Inuit oral tradition, Arnait Video Productions wanted to created a modern platform where Igloolik children and teens could openly talk about global issues. Thus Portraits of Children was born. Available in both English and Inuktitut, the iPod app consists of a series of questions on topics such as family, culture, the environment, and the future. To get teens thinking about these topics, a number of activities and workshops were organized. During one activity, teens helped artists Patrick Thompson and Alexa Hatanaka to paint the Kingulliit office. During another, they shared a bonfire with an elder and talked about the Inuit traditional lifestyle. The teens then made diary entries on the topic of their choice using the iPod application.

ᑕᒪᓐᓇ ᐱᓯᒪᑎᑦᑎᓂᖅ ᐃᓄᐃᑦ ᐅᖃᐅᓯᑐᖃᖓᓂᒃ, Arnait Video Productions -ᑯᑦ ᓴᓇᓯᒪᕗᑦ ᑕᐃᑲᓂ ᐃᒡᓘᓕᒃᒥ ᒪᒃᑯᑦᑐᖏᑦ ᐅᖃᐅᓯᖃᑦᑎᐊᖅᓱᑎ ᓄᓇᕐᔪᐊᑉ ᐱᔾᔨᑎᖏᓐᓂ. ᑕᒪᓐᓇ ᓇᓗᓇᐃᔭᖅᑕᐅᓯᒪᕗᖅ ᖃᓪᓗᓈᑎᑐᑦ ᐊᒻᒪᓗ ᐃᓄᒃᑎᑐᑦ. ᑕᒪᓐᓇ ᖃᕆᑕᐅᔭᕋᓛᒃᑯᑦ ᐋᖅᑭᒃᓱᖅᑕᐅᓯᒪᔪᖅ ᐊᐱᖁᑎᒃᓴᓂᒃ ᒪᑯᓂᖓ ᐃᓚᒋᓐᓂᒃ, ᐃᓕᖅᖁᓯᕐᒥᒃ, ᐊᕙᑕᓕᕆᓂᕐᒥᒃ, ᐊᒻᒪᓗ ᓯᕗᓂᒃᓴᕐᒥᒃ. ᑕᒪᒃᑯᐊ ᒪᒃᑯᑦᑐᐃᑦ ᐃᓱᒪᑎᒐᓱᐊᖅᓱᑎᒃᑯ, ᑕᒻᒪᑯᐊ ᐱᓕᕆᐊᖑᕈᓘᔭᓚᐅᖅᐳᑦ ᐊᒻᒪᓗ ᐃᓕᓐᓂᐊᕐᓂᖅ ᐋᕿᑦᓱᖅᑕᐅᓚᐅᖅᐳᑦ. ᑖᒃᑯᐊ ᒪᒃᑯᑦᑐᑦ ᑎᑎᕋᓚᐅᖅᐳᑦ ᖃᓄᐃᓕᐅᖃᑦᑕᓚᐅᖅᑕᒥᓂᒃ ᐊᑲᐅᒋᔭᒪᓂᒃ.

THE TEAM - ᐅᑯᐊᖑᕗᐃᑦ ᐱᓕᕆᔪᑦ

  • Virginie Cousineau
  • Virginie Cousineau has always had a close family connection with Inuit. As co-ordinator of the Portrait of Children project, she travelled to northern Canada to encourage Igloolik teens to use their voice.

    VIRGINIE COUSINEAU ᑲᒪᔨᐅᓚᐅᖅᐳᖅ ᑖᑯᓂᖓ Portrait of Children project. ᑕᑉᐸᐅᓐᖓ ᐅᑭᐅᖅᑕᖅᑐᕐᒧᒃ ᑲᓇᑕᒧᑦ  ᐃᒡᓘᓕᒃᒧᑦᓚᐅᖅᐳᖅ ᑖᒃᑯᐊ ᒪᒃᑯᑦᑐᐃᑦ ᓂᐱᖏᓐᓂ ᐊᑐᖁᔨᓪᓗᓂ.

  • Annie Desilets
  • Annie is living in Igloolik since 2010.  She is involved in several cultural projects in the community, mostly with youth and kids.  She was taking part of Portrait of Children as coordinator’s assistant on site.

    ANNIE DESILETS ᐃᒡᓘᓕᒃᒥᐅᑦᑕᐅᕗᖅ ᐊᒻᒪᓗ ᐊᒥᓱᓂᒃ ᐃᓕᖅᖁᓯᑐᖃᓕᕆᓂᕐᒥ ᐱᓕᕆᖃᑕᐅᓲᖑᕗᖅ ᓄᓇᓕᒻᒥ. ᑐᓪᓕᕆᔭᐅᓚᐅᖅᐳᖅ ᑖᑯᓄᖓ Portrait of Children.

  • Mary Kunuk
  • Mary Kunuk has taught Inuktitut, cultural arts and Aulajaaqtut in Ataguttaaluk high school for the past six years. She is also  involved in the Elders’ Centre, the Return of the Sun, as well as the Rockin’ Walrus Music festival. She also directed short films with Arnait Video Productions and will be working as a leader for the Portrait of Children activity.

    MARY KUNUK ᐃᓄᒃᑎᑐᑦ ᐃᓂᒃᑎᑐᑦ ᐃᓕᓭᓚᐅᖅᐳᖅ, ᐃᓕᖅᖁᓯᓕᕆᓂᕐᒥᒃ ᐊᒻᒪᓗ ᐊᐅᓚᔮᖅᑐᑦ ᐊᑕᒍᑦᑖᓘᑉ ᐃᓕᓐᓂᐊᕐᕕᖓᓂ ᐅᑭᐅᓂᒃ ᐱᓐᖓᓲᔪᖅᑐᓂᒃ. ᑲᒪᔨᐅᓚᐅᖅᐳᖅ ᑖᒃᑯᓄᖓ Portrait of Children.

  • Curtis Taqqaugaq
  • Curtis Taqqaugaq is a young leader from the community of Igloolik. After he graduated from Ataguttaaluk High School, he was offered a number of leadership opportunities, including a seat at the G20 Toronto Summit as part of Junior Team Canada.

    CURTIS TAQQAUGAQ ᑲᒪᔨᕋᓛᖑᕗᖅ ᓄᓇᓕᓐᓂ ᐃᒡᓘᓕᒃᒥ, ᑕᐃᑲᓃᓚᐅᖅᐳᖅ G20 Toronto Summit- ᒥ ᐃᓚᒋᔭᐅᓪᓗᓂ Hᐋᑭᖅᑎᕋᓚᕐᓂ. ᑲᒪᔨᐅᓚᐅᖅᐳᖅ ᑖᑯᓂᖓ Portrait of Children